More than Just a Bookkeeper: 4 Ways a Chartered Accountant Can Help your Business Grow and Thrive

If you run a business, you likely know that a CA can help you save money on your taxes, simply by finding you every deduction and credit you deserve and ensuring that you are in compliance with the complex and overwhelming tax code. A Chartered Accountant is more than just a tax person and can offer a variety of benefits for your business; from helping you get the capital you need to coming up with realistic and actionable long term goals for your company.

You need an expert on your side 

A Chartered Accountant is more than a bookkeeper and it shows. From the range of business services offered to the deep level of tax and operating knowledge, your CA is an essential team member for your business. Taking advantage of your CA’s advanced level of knowledge in a variety of areas helps you be sure that your business is operating at peak efficiency.

Keeping up with more than your money 

Your CA does more than simply help manage your income and expenses and cope with tax regulations; he or she will make sure your business is in compliance with a vast number of legal reporting requirements as well. From the steps you need to take when you hire a new employee to adjusting your records to meet ever changing employment standards, a CA will ensure compliance and help you avoid hefty fines.

Assistance with long term goals and planning 

A standard bookkeeper may be able to add up sums and pay your bills – but he won’t be able to help much with future planning. From long term strategy and income projections to learning just how much you can reasonably spend to expand your business, a CA can help you set and meet realistic goals.

Insight into business loans and capital 

If you plan on borrowing funds for your business or have ongoing financial needs, a CA can help by performing certified financial audits and creating the type of certified financial statement that most financial institutions require. Simply having your business financial plan prepared by and overseen by a CA projects a successful image and will boost your credibility with investors, too.

You created your business for a reason, and handing over some of the paperwork and financial burden to a true professional allows you to hone your focus on building your business. As entrepreneurs become more successful, they naturally accumulate more paperwork, tax obligations and filing responsibilities. Having a CA take over these burdens for you can free up countless hours of frustration and ensure you don’t miss valuable deductions or credits, too.

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