Staying Motivated While Self-Employed

Finding motivation can be difficult for anyone!

For self-employed people, it can be even more of a challenge. Since there is no external motivation provided by co-workers and bosses, it must come from within, which is self-motivation. But as anyone who works for themselves will attest, that self-motivation is tough to foster. Here are four things the self-employed should do that will help.

Follow a routine

Motivation isn’t something that just happens. It generally arises in the context of a long-standing habit. That means working at the same time, in the same place, every day. While the freedom allowed by self-employment is wonderful, it can’t turn into a complete lack of order. No schedule makes it almost impossible to become motivated. Someone who waits until they feel like working will probably never get started at all. Routine creates the circumstances in which motivation is generated.

Focus on long-term goals.

Goals are the ultimate source of inspiration. When someone resolves to work with dedication, they must have a vision or dream of what they are trying to achieve. Anyone who is their own boss should regularly remind themselves of the ‘why’ behind their decision to strike out for themselves. Without this awareness, they will feel lost and directionless. Motivation will fade away.

Focus on short-term goals

While long-term goals are vital, more immediate goals are also critical. It’s hard to get through the daily grind without a few objectives for each individual day, week, and month. A good approach is to break down larger projects into smaller, discrete chunks. This helps make big projects seem more manageable. The sense of accomplishment provided by reaching these small milestones will greatly boost motivation.

Get help from others

While self-employment is obviously all about self-reliance, that doesn’t mean it makes sense to go it completely alone. In fact, that’s a terrible idea. Connections to others always matter. Nowhere is this truer than in the realm of motivation. A pep talk from a friend, family member, or former colleague can be invaluable. No one who works for themselves can remain motivated without the support of their loved ones.

Motivation is something no self-employed person can afford to overlook. A loss of motivation is one of the most common problems among those who work for themselves. That’s why staying on the ball when it comes to motivation is so important.

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