Good advice & forward Planning.

At Eureka Taxation Services, we understand that good advice and forward planning are essential to the success of your business. This also applies to taxation. It’s something in which we take great pride – all the necessary registrations and the right entity structure to protect your assets require expertise and foresight, and could save you a lot of money when tax time comes.

Business Compliance

Compliance – you have to get it right; there are no if, buts or maybes. The taxation office are proactive in terms of data matching, benchmarking, reviews and audits. We know everything there is to know about compliance and we’ll make sure all your tax affairs are in order. Eureka takes away the headache of compliance, and gives you more time to invest in the productivity and profitability of your business.

Starting or buying a business

The right advice and proper due-diligence can mean the difference between a successful acquisition and a disastrous one. There are many complex issues that need to be worked through when either entering into business or growing your enterprise. We conduct a thorough fiscal and holistic examination of your endeavour so that we able to provide the best advice to ensure that you can proceed with confidence.

Selling a business

We determine the best way to affect the sale of a business, ensuring the best possible tax outcomes, including capital gains. We are able to assist in the advice and preparation of any documents required by a purchaser to facilitate a sale.

Business Accounting

What you do (or don’t do) today directly impacts the future, particularly when it comes to keeping your books in order. Tax is not a once a year headache, it is a year round commitment, and maintaining good accounting practices is very beneficial to your bottom line. Our accounting services are accessible and reliable – we make sure everything is in order so that you can confidently go about your business knowing that you have optimised your financial position.

Eureka Taxation has rebranded
to Ashmans Accounting.

We’re still offering the same expert advice & service. Why the name change? The name change reflects that we are more than just tax return preparers. We would like people to know we are full service business advisors, accountants and offer bookkeeping.