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Eureka Taxation Services brings a thorough and comprehensive approach to tax. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that you obtain the maximum return (or minimise the amount of tax owed) regardless of whether you are an individual or business.
Individualised Taxation

Every tax return is as individual as the person or business lodging it. We don’t just fill in boxes or complete fields; we walk in your financial shoes and take a thorough, step by step approach to preparing your tax return. There are many conditions and circumstances to be considered, and we are well-equipped to take that journey with you.

The Gain without the Pain

We realise that not everyone is good at (or has the time for) keeping accurate financial records. That’s okay – we can process even the most rudimentary records. Bring us your box of tax invoices and receipts, and we will transform them into a professional statement of income and expenses. From there, we will prepare your tax-return, ensuring you claim every deduction to which you’re entitled.

No tears in arrears

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses find themselves in arrears with the taxation office. Outstanding tax returns and BAS, penalties and debt can be a source of concern and hardship. Often, it's something small that has compounded over time. We have developed a system that assists our clients to become up-to-date with their tax obligations and have penalties and interest charges remitted. We even help them negotiate the payment of any outstanding debt.

We are industrious

Our services are varied and far reaching. Eureka Taxation Services is trusted by individuals and businesses in industries such as Health & Aged Care, Childcare, Construction & Trade Services, Transport & Logistics, Tourism, Retailers & Wholesalers, family businesses, SMEs, and all manner of businesses offering professional and personal services.